Boho Style Hippie Clothes, Yoga Wear

Ethically made by Women 

Certified Fair Trade in Nepal

Our Fair Trade Mission

We believe giving impoverished people the opportunity to improve their lifestyle and learn valuable working skills is a great first step towards empowerment.  As our business has grown, so has our awareness of the difficult living and working conditions in Nepal. We realized that we can help alleviate those conditions by adhering to fair trade practices. We’ve come a long way and we expect to go a lot further, but what hasn’t changed is our love of unique and chic boho fashions, produced ethically and sustainably.

This is what first attracted us to the fair trade movement. A source of steady work that pays an above average wage in a safe and healthy environment can be the foundation for a stronger community. For this reason, we’re the first clothing manufacturer in Nepal to have our factory certified by Fair Trade Group Nepal (a long-standing member of the World Fair Trade Organization), after two years and over a dozen facility visits.

We continue to be motivated by our founding ideals of fairness and fun, the hippie values that we still hold dear. We suppose you could say that this life journey has allowed us to become avatars of the bohemian lifestyle and the mission we embraced all those years ago.

So what is our mission? To design chic, funky, and fun fashion forward clothes that appeal to a wide range of ages and body types. To realize our designs in an ethical and sustainable way by sticking to the principles of fair trade. To travel, have a blast, and keep the bohemian hippie dream alive.

Have Fun - Change your clothes - Change the world, it really is that simple!